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Can you add this on Android please

scary yet sussy

thank you 

is it even for mac

Sorry! There is no Mac build

oh I want it for Mac :(

This took me over a day and when I keep getting close to the end they gain a faster speed but I finaly did it

Carai,esse jogo e ruim e bom ao mesmo tempo,e so um png dos esquilos e foda-se,mas e bom :)

when i download the game and click on GenericHorror it dosnt run and nothing happens.

Everytime I try to download it on my pc it doesnt let me play I have to do all this type of weird stuff and download random apps.

It shouldn't be prompting you to download random apps, also keep in mind this game is Windows only and works just on PC. No mobile.

This took me FAR to long..

Congrats!! It's a really hard game, I'll make sure the second one is more fair :pp 

Nice game it is looking like, let's play it

Have fun with it :p

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IShowSpeed played it


Holy shit! Might be time to make the squeakuel...

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How do you play the game i try on fire fox and it pull up a fire fox logo 

It's a download only game!

what does that mean

could you link me the dowload then

what is the name of the Simon soundtrack?

I think it's down with the sickness by Disturbed!

a question, could you make a Port of this game to Android?

It's probably possible but I don't think that's something I'll be doing. However, making a game for Android might be something I'm planning for the future!

Deleted 357 days ago

how do I run the game? I tried with internet explorer but it doesn’t work

The game doesn't have a browser build, it will only work if you download the .zip, unpack it and run the .exe inside.

i beat the game, i kinda wish the mic placement was random so that it would be a bit more interesting however this is a banger game

Thanks bruh

What was the song you used for Alvin can you tell me what's it's called 😐😭I looked all over for the song of 6ix9nine that alivin had in the game pls tell the song

It's gooba! 

oh my god


assutador jogo


vdd me

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I finally did it, I think youtubers can't put IT'S raining Men.

J'ai enfin réussi, je pense que les youtubers ne peuvent pas mettre It's raining Men.



Alvin and Théodore are always cornering you. You leave Théodore, Alvin catch you, you wait for Alvin to leave so Théodore catch you. I'm scared and amused all the time, but this little green thing.


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Game Was WAYYY Better Than I Thought It Would Be..

Gotta say,as a guy running a meme page I enjoyed the little pictures around the place. Not that important, because the game blew my mind.. Every single time Simon attempted to jumpscare me, it worked. The first time around it legit made my headphones and hat fall off, it was intense start to finish! I doubt I could ever beat it with all 3 characters giving it their best, the greatest I could do was a 6/8. I don't even like Slender-type games that much, this was amazing tho! Strong 4.5/5 from me man

Bro thats so nice of you to say!! thank you so much for playing it!!!


For the meme

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This game was surprisingly fun with and terrifying at the same time. It has the usual collect items type of vibe weve seen for years just with the Alvin and the Chimpunks spin to it. if you want to see some game play click the link!

This game was extremely funny and hard at that! I couldn’t beat it cause ALVINNNN! Now I know why Dave hates him so much... the worst part is my subs want me to beat the game now! 🙃

Thanks for playing :p

is easy so so eas




My man, you're certified.

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i Shit my pants atleast 2 times

The author may have seen the film

It's very possible... 

This game actually scared me and idk how to feel about it...

Hahahaha great video, thanks for playing it! The way to avoid Alvin is by turning off your flashlight and not moving :p

This game's actually kinda fun. It's better than I expected it to be. I tried a handful of times and found out that this game is pretty relentless...


Thanks for playing it man!!